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The Gospel According to Jesus

A New Testament for our Time

by Paul Ferrini


ISBN: 978-1--879159-82-2
400 Pages    Paperback   $25.00


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Words and Concepts Cannot Open Your Heart.
Only Love Can Open Your Heart.

If you know me in your heart, you embody my teaching with an inner certainty.
You know that love is the only answer to your problems. When you give love you cannot help but receive it. Indeed, the more you give, the more you receive. There is no deficiency of love in the world. Love lives in the heart of every human being. If it is trusted, it has the power to uplift consciousness and change the conditions under which you live.
     Love is ultimate reality. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. It emanates from itself, expresses itself and rests in itself. Whether rising or falling, waxing or waning, ebbing or flowing, it never loses touch with what it is. I may not be present here in a body, but I am present in your love. When you find the love in your heart, you know that I am with you. It is that simple.

Mine is a teaching of love, not of fear. Jesus

     The great majority of my teachings have come down to you intact. However, there are some errors and distortions that need to be corrected. Mine is a teaching of love, not of fear. The language of fear cannot be used in any testament that comes from me.
     Do not be surprised that some – even those as wise as my apostles – would have you believe in a vindictive God who punishes you for your sins. I assure you that they are mistaken. Our God is not an angry God, but a compassionate One who helps you to find forgiveness for your errors and those of others. By learning compassion and practicing forgiveness, you move through your fear, correct your errors and relinquish your judgments. Gradually, your shame is washed away in a baptism of acceptance and love.
     Please just do your part. Ask forgiveness from all whom you have harmed in thought, word or deed, extend forgiveness to others who ask it from you, and be willing also to forgive yourself. God will do the rest.
     All of you have come here to learn to love without conditions. When you can love yourself unconditionally, it is not difficult to love others. When you can accept others with all of their faults, it is not difficult to accept your own.
     Those who misunderstand and misinterpret my words would have you place me above you. Please do not do this. Whoever places me on a pedestal also places me on the cross, for you cannot have one without the other. Therefore, do not address me or anyone else as less than or greater than you, for to do so is to create the one and only sin against the son of Man.
     I teach and have always taught the Spiritual Law of Equality. Adhere to this teaching and all that separates you from one another will fall away and you will rest in the Heart of God where all beings are equally loved and blessed.
     I do not teach one thing to one person and something else to another. My teaching is the same for all of you. Think well, therefore when anyone asks you to judge, blame, libel, cheat, harm, or reject any of your brothers and sisters in my name. I tell you this is a blasphemy and an inversion of truth. It can lead only to suffering.
     I have told you once and I will tell you again, all are welcome in my house: rich and poor, black and white, straight and gay, women and men, children and old people, tall and short, skinny and fat, healthy and sick, the able-bodied and the handicapped.
     I do not have one church for those who live in their minds and another for those who live in their hearts. I have one church for all and the door to that church is always open to anyone who wants to enter. Whoever closes the door or blocks the way to any brother or sister takes my name in vain and distorts my teaching.
     Do not heed the words of such a person but observe his actions to see if they are consistent with what he says. As I have told you before, you would be wise to examine the tree before you eat the fruit dangling from its branches.
     The door to my church and the door to my heart is always open to you, dear brother and sister. Indeed, I welcome you even as I hear your footsteps approaching. If I so honor and care for you, how could our God, who is far greater than I, do otherwise. No, my friends, God’s love for you is more profound than any love you will ever know. Even my love for you pales by comparison.
     We are both children of a loving God. Of that you may be certain. All that God has given to me will be given to you when you are ready to receive it. By then it will not matter from whose hands you receive the Gift, for all who serve Him share His love for you and extend His blessing to you now and for all time.
     Do not despair, dear ones. Open your hearts and feel my Love for you. Take my hand whenever you need it. Although at times it seems that you walk this path alone, know that I am at your side whenever you call to me.
     Godspeed on your journey. Soon you will be home. Until then, know I am holding this place for you.

Paul Ferrini reading from The Gospel

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In this wonderful selection from the Christ Mind Teachings
(Love without Conditions, Silence of the Heart, Miracle of Love, and Return to the Garden), Paul Ferrini shares the message of Jesus as he received it over a seven-year period. Here at last is a gospel devoted solely to Jesus’ teachings of love, healing and forgiveness. The teacher we meet here is the compassionate, open-minded teacher we know in our hearts. He rejects the dogmatic, narrow-minded concepts of fundamentalist Christianity that reinforce our shame, intolerance and spiritual pride and instead empowers all of us to awaken the Christ potential within. He is both the gentle teacher who proclaims our essential innocence and the fiery teacher who supports us in healing our wounds and forgiving our trespasses so that we can claim our gifts and come into the fullness of our power and purpose in this life.

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We offer you
a clear pathway
to spiritual growth
 and a vibrant community
to support you
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Paul Ferrini




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Paul Ferrini’s books
are the most important ones I have read.
 I study them like a Bible.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Paul Ferrini is a modern-day
Kahlil Gibran --poet,
mystic, visionary,
 teller of truth.

Larry Dossey


Paul Ferrini reconnects us
to the Spirit Within, to that place
where even our deepest wounds
can be healed.

Joan Borysenko


Paul Ferrini’s wonderful books
 show us a way to walk lightly
with joy on planet Earth.

Gerald Jampolsky


Paul Ferrini’s work is a must read
for all people who are ready
 to take responsibility
for their own healing.

John Bradshaw


Paul Ferrini’s writing
will inspire you to greater insight
and understanding, to more clarity
and a grander resolve
to make changes in your life
that can truly change the world.

Neale Donald Walsch


Paul Ferrini is an important teacher
 in the new millennium.
Reading his work has been
a major awakening for me.

Iyanla Vanzant


I feel that this work comes
from a continuous friendship
with the deepest Part of the Self.
 I trust its wisdom.

Coleman Barks


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